Saturday, 24 January 2015


Hey y'all , I hope you're all having a great year so far ?! I'm finally done with my exams , so I'll be free to blog and record videos for a little while , so go ahead and request any , I have already received some requests on my instragram (makeupbyuwani) so i'm currently working on some of those

So back to the blog post ,

As most of you know (if you watch my youtube videos - uwani aliyu) I have been struggling with a bit of acne scarring and dark spots on my face which is really frustrating and sometimes embarrassing , don't get me wrong , I'm not ashamed of my face or anything , in fact far from it , I love my face very much , I just would love It MOREEE if it were spotless!

I've been seeing a lot of reviews and comments on this particular product from called 'the regimen' it has worked for a lot of people and i'm hoping it works for me , it isn't your drugstore price type but from what i hear it is worth it , so of course I went ahead to purchase it off the website , I'm just trying anything and everything right now so I would honestly love If you guys could suggest something , I am also here to learn

I've been using this product for some weeks now and I have seen a improvement but not a "WOW" factor , I am still using this product and most of the reviews say be patient with it , so I am doing just that and hoping it clears it all , someone shout AMEN !!


This is my morning and night routine , I don't have a different one for night and day , even tho sometime I go back to my bodyshop tea tree family because I want that tingly feel ( check out my previous skin care post if you want to know what I'm talking about - PREVIOUS ROUTINE )

Gentle Cleanser- This is the first Product I use after taking off my makeup with wipes , this is like a foaming cleanser ,  I just use this to form lather and wash my face

Benzoyl Peroxide  - This is the most important product or step in this regimen as this is what clears the acne , after drying my face with a towel , I use this all over my face , it gives a drying effect , so if you use this , you will need to moisturise a lot

Moisturiser - As i mentioned above , you definitely need to use a moisturiser after the benzoyl peroxide , so this does the work

to add ,

SIMPLE Kind To Eyes Revatalising Eye Roll-on - I recently started having fine lines beneath my eyes , so I went ahead to purchase this item , I've been using this underneath my eyes now , If you have something to suggest to me please leave a comment

Body Shop Tea Tree - Pore Minimiser- I also recently got this pore minimiser from body shop - tea tree , and as the name implies , it is meant to minimise my pores , so hopefully it works

That's about it for now , i'll probably make a video on this if I see the need to so I could explain more
for the main time , don't forget to comment, share and SUBSCRIBE !

congrats to us on 45k views .. God bless you guys ! :*


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