Friday, 13 June 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW !!!! Featuring yangabeauty

Hola !!!

So I was in desperate need of a new concealer because my old one was almost empty ... I was really tired of buying small pieces so I wanted a whole palette , my ultimate search lead me to yangabeauty I found a camouflage palette of concealer ... This was the only thing I needed but I couldn't get my eyes off some other products , so I compulsively added more things to my cart x_x 

Btw I used my ipad to take these pictures 

Yangabeauty delivered within four days and called to keep me informed , they delivered straight to my hall in school and my delivery was FREE! (You get free delivery if you order for items over N15,000) this is the first time I'm using them , and I'm impressed. They attached a lot of free goodies and ofcos free candy ! And a hand written thank you card. Thumbs up to them for real ! They the real MVP :p 

I promise to share a pictorial / tutorial video using these products tomorrow (Saturday) or before the weekend runs out

So here it goes 

Coastal Scents Camouflage Concealer Palette
Price - N4,500
It's lovely and worth more than the price , it's thick , so a tiny bit goes a long way to get those blemishes away has different shades to suit different skin tones 

Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette 
PRICE - I got this for free (thank you yangabeauty) so I don't really know the price. 
It is highly pigmented , I especially loved the darker Colours ..they had sparkle in them ^_^ 

Red cherry eyelashes - #103 and #110 
Price - N950 each 
I love both lashes, they're the perfect size and length , you don't need to double them up. They give that diva effect 
Stardel lash-SF 7475 
Price - I got this for free too ! Yay!! 
I've been wanting lashes like this for a while - lashes that are barely noticeable but add drama to the eyes- extremely natural .. Yes ! I would order more of this 

NYX Natural Eyeshadow 
Price - N2,500 
Everyone needs these Colours ! Sometimes you wanna play it calm and natural with your eyeshadow game ..this is perfect , tho neutral but highly pigmented. 

 -Sleek Contour Kit: Dark
Price - N3,800
I've always loved this for contouring. Ran out of My other palette 

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil, Pure White
Price : N1,800
You guys don't even know how much I've been looking for a white pencil that actually appears white.... Sometimes I like my waterline white , I used to use a gel liner to do this , and it's quite stressful. So I've found the perfect product. Osheeyyy 

ELF Eyeshadow primer
Price : N,1,500 
If you need your eyeshadow to pop (who doesn't) purchase this ! 
Coastal scents concealer brush 
Price : I got this for free too ^_^

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Price - N3,090 
This is currently my favorite brush (next to my contour brush lol) is SO soft ... I use it to apply my foundation and sometimes blend out blemishes ...I love it ! 
Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Price - N3,500
Dear female ! (Or male MUA) you need this in your makeup purse !! 

- Nyx Lipstick Shade: Indie
Price - N2,200 
Orange is really the new black !! Perfect orange lip colour especially for a darkskinned girl like myself. It's matte yet so easy to apply. It's worth it ! 

I got free candy lol thank you yangabeauty

Hope that was helpful ...
Check back in tomorrow for a makeup tutorial / pictorial using these products 

Bye :* 

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